Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have my first repair job for my new boat....

So, I have my first repair job for my new boat. Replacing the o-rings in the bailer.

Rather than get an o-ring kit from my Laser distributor. I began to look around the Internet to find out the right o-ring diameter, so I could pick up some o-rings from my local hardware store and make the repair ASAP. To my surprise, my research uncovered these stainless steel springs from LaserSmartParts. At first glance, I thought this replacement option for o-rings must be illegal. As it was too good to be true to have a permanent fix for the regular replacement of the Laser bailer o-rings.

On further investigation, I am pleased say the stainless steel springs are now legal replacements for o-rings. As in January 2010, The International Laser Class Association had made the following rule amendment:

Rule 13.  Self Bailer

A self-bailing device as supplied only by the builder may be added. The bailer may be sealed with tape, filler or glue along its edge where it joins the hull and at the screw hole. Filling the screw hole level with the flat surface of the bailer is permitted. Fairing the flat surface of the bailer to the hull shape or changing the profile of the bailer is not permitted. The drain bung may be removed from the self-bailer, and the self bailer opening pin may be secured to the cockpit floor with self adhesive plastic tape. The builder-supplied o-rings may be substituted with non builder-supplied alternatives provided the basic function of the bailer is unchanged.

I purchased my stainless steel springs from LaserSmartParts via eBay. The great news is they only cost me $7.20AUD, including shipping from the UK and they arrived at my door within 7 days of ordering. I would recommend this option for anyone who needs to replace bailer o-rings in the future.

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