Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life Members Day

This was our last Saturday race day for the year. As you can see from the wind data capture, the wind was up on the lake. 20 sailors from the Albert Sailing Club decided to give the conditions a try, with all sailors taking at least one swim during the day.

As for me. I only managed one race for the day, as I received a hit to the head late in race one and decided that it would be better not to continue. Lesson from today was that I should get some head protection in the very near further for days like today. Barring this incident I did have a good day. Speed was good (if you ignore the unscheduled swim activities), with my runs achieving a max speed of 10.73kn, 10.12kn, & 9.76kn. I really enjoyed these periods of peak speed :).

Next race at the club commences 8th of January, 2011, so I will need to look for sailing opportunities between now and the 8th, as I need to keep my practice up for the Australian Laser Master's in Port Stephen's, scheduled for mid Feb, 2011.

Till my next update.

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