Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Racing at Albert Sailing Club

Well I am finally racing at the club again. Over the last 2+ months I have only sailed at Albert Park Lake once, as I was preparing myself for the 2011 Laser Masters Nationals in Port Stephens, by spending more time sailing on Port Phillip Bay. Well to say that I was pleased with my result yesterday is an understatement. I was personally wrapped with the way I sailed, achieving a first. The image above represents the position of boats at my finish, with the last marks of the course A, D, C, G, Finish.

After sailing in open waters for the last 1+ months I found getting back onto the Lake all maneuvers felt easy and I felt fast in my warm up. My start was good, with me rounding the first mark in third, just behind James. The second leg turned out to me to be the defining leg of this race for me. Not only was able to pass James and making 100+ metres on this leg, but I was able to catch and pass Alex getting myself into first place.

Now the of rest of the race was focused on not making any mistakes and making the most of my opportunities. I managed to achieve this on the day by matching the fleet on leg times or beating them, resulting increasing the distance between myself and second from 50 metres at the end of leg 2 to 300+ metres at the finish.

I hope to keep applying the lessons I learnt from my my time at the Laser Masters National over the coming months to my club sailing.

Till next my next update.


  1. Well done. Clearly your experience at the Nationals has raised your game to a whole new level.

  2. Thanks Tillerman. I am looking forward to participating in more national events. Might see you at the next Austrlian Laser Masters in May 2011 ;)